UST Class A/B Operator Training Course Description

UST Class A Operator training is required for person(s) having primary responsibility for on-site operation and maintenance of UST systems (owner or operator of a UST facility). UST Class B Operator training is required for persons involved with daily on-site operation and maintenance of UST systems.

Texas UST Operator Class A/B & C Online Training

Each Texas UST facility must have at least one named individual certified for each class of UST operator — Classes A, B, and C . One person may hold more than one operator UST operator classification

Why is UST Operator Training Necessary?

Under federal and state law, operators of certain underground storage tank (UST) systems must be trained in how to keep the USTs in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. To become a UST Operator, employees must be trained and must pass a authorized exam that demonstrates their competence to operate these tank systems.

Underground Storage Tank Acronyms

USTs are regulated in the U.S. to prevent release of petroleum and contamination of groundwater, soil and air. View UST Acronyms and what they apply to: